Welcome To The Future

For the past several years, futurists have been telling us to prepare because the singularity is imminent. What exactly the singularity is, has been debated wildly. But the most commonly given explanation of the singularity states that it is the moment that some great technological event will occur after which things will be so different that there is no way to even conceive of it before it happens. Things will be so different as to be unrecognizable to us.

Lately, however, a new train of thought has come about, that postulates that we are currently living in a period of time that in the future will be known as the singularity. In other words it is already happening, and the linchpin is the internet.

What The Hell Are You Talking About?

You might be wondering why I'm going on and on about some event called the singularity. The fact is that things have been changing dramatically and you might not even have noticed. Think back to the days when to check the lottery results you had to make a date with your television or read the newspaper the next day. Nowadays you can simply log in to the Powerball's website and see the results whenever you want to.

Yet things keep changing. Imagine if instead of you having to check the Powerball results, they somehow came to you directly as a notification. There used to be a time when the only way to play the Powerball lotto was to buy a ticket at an authorized seller location. This could be difficult if, say, you happen to live outside of the Powerball's jurisdiction. Imagine a world without borders in which you would be able to buy your Powerball tickets regardless of jurisdictions or borders or physical locations.

Technically, you need to live in one of the 45 states that take part in the Powerball lottery in order to play. There is a website called LotteryMaster, that subtly hacks the reality you are accustomed to. LotteryMaster is an online service that provides you with instant notifications if you are a winner, moreover it creates a new paradigm in which you are no longer tethered to the Powerball lotto's jurisdiction and can actually play from wherever you want.

Welcome To a New Reality

As you can see, things are in fact changing drastically. Life as you knew it only a few years ago will be unrecognizable to you a few years from now. Just as it is difficult for a fish to realize that it is swimming in an ocean, it is difficult for us to recognize that we are living in the middle of the greatest changes our species has ever known.

LotteryMaster is not so much revolutionary as it is evolutionary. It is a gradual step towards the future. It combines high tech with low tech and in doing so changes the way we are accustomed to think about how the lottery is played. By logging in and setting up an account you are given access to a virtual Powerball ticket you can fill out online, a place to digitally deposit funds, and a vast information data base you can tap into filled with everything you could possibly need to know about the Powerball including historical results dating back to the first draw. Once you have selected numbers for your ticket, an agent will go out and buy the ticket for you. This agent is your bridge from the past into the future. He will buy your ticket, he will scan you a copy, and place the ticket in a secure location that only you will have access to with a code. If you win, you won't need to hunt down the results to find out, you will be notified directly. Better yet, the money you win will already be waiting for you in your account.

Welcome to your future. Things will never be the same. If you want to check out a good online casino, have a look at the Spin Palace Casino review.